Germany faces a significant shortage of skilled workers, hurting the countries economic ecosystem long term

Non-EU residents have to go through an extensive bureaucratic process to be able to work in Germany, hindering qualified workers to relocate and fill the gap in the countries workforce. We are trying to break down these barriers and help to solve the shortage of skilled workers in Germany.
skilled labour gap
in Germany (2021)
increase in demand for skilled workers in Germany from 2020-2021
of German labour force in favour of increasing efforts towards skilled labour immigration (KFW, 2022)

We focus on craft, logistics and non-qualified jobs

The current shortage of labor in craft and logistics fields leads to difficulties in planning, increased delays and rising costs in production, construction, and logistics. Our mission aims to address this challenge and support the growth of these industries.

Our objective is to support German firms in their recruitment processes both within and outside the EU, and to aid skilled workers in finding suitable employment opportunities in Germany.

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The job agency with a holisitc and technology-driven recruitment approach

We are trying to solve the shortage of skilled workers by bringing together German companies with skilled workers from inside and outside of the EU.

Our technology-driven recruitment approach streamlines complex and time consuming processes, from regular hiring to relocation and immigration procedures.

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